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MH370. Our response to the latest theory

The newly published scientific theory about the final resting place of MH370 is interesting but we still do not have the full story of what happened in the few hours following the disappearance of the aircraft on that fateful night.
I hate to be repetitive but I still want to know why the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Five Eyes surveillance centre at Penang did not take any action to identify the "unknown primary radar target" which was tracking directly toward the most sensitive defence facilities in the entire region that night and then took more than 2 days to announce to the World that they had been tracking this "unknown target".  Really??!! 

I cannot believe that they did not consider the possibility that it was a threat to their security if they really didn’t know its identity, or if they did know, why did they not think the information was relevant to the search for MH370 that was headline news in  the furthest corners of the World?  

Did they send up an interceptor to check the identity of the unknown aircraft?  

If they did, what action resulted from that? 

If they did not send up an interceptor as the Minister for Defence declared on BBC News, (“because if I had sent up an interceptor and shot it down, I would be in even more trouble than I am now” as he said to the reporter) then what punishment was meted out to the incompetent officers who were on duty at the time?  

Criminal negligence is the only possible description that fits their behaviour and actions if they did not take essential steps to identify the incoming potential threat.  And then the behaviour of the Malaysian authorities in the subsequent days can only be described as totally incompetent and lacking in any normal duty of care or responsibility to the passengers, crew, relatives and friends of those on board MH370.

The scientific theory now being promulgated that the aircraft is, in fact, west of the Australian mainland and just off the seventh arc, is interesting but I am still tipping that one day, the aircraft wreckage will be found a long way further north! 

Thursday, 24 August 2017
Posted by Des Ross

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